Legends Charter Schools

As leaders in their respective fields, the Legends Charter School Founding Team has over 80 years’ collective experience in school leadership, governance, curriculum development, business management, operations execution, and parent and community engagement that will foster dramatic results for our respective institutions and business communities. To realize Legends Charter School’s mission of increasing achievement and opportunity, the founding team is energized by the opportunity to create high-performing schools in Prince George’s County.

Legends Charter School's Founding Team

Atasha James, Co-Founder & CEO Legends Charter School

Atasha James, Co-Founder & CEO, Legends Charter School


Atasha James, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Legends Charter School is an award-winning school leader. She has successfully led several schools in Buffalo, NY, Maryland, and D.C. and is an expert in school leadership development and school design. Mrs. James taught at both the Elementary and Middle School levels before working with the Teacher Educator Institute at The State University of New York at Buffalo, while completing her doctoral studies. 

She has studied and adopted components of the Legends School design at Leckie Education Campus, in Washington DC, where she led and designed a highly effective school model based on best practices from Success Academy and BASIS Schools. Each of the organizations have impressive student performance. Leckie Education Campus made above-average growth in math and reading as well as reduced the achievement gap in students of color for three consecutive years. At Success Academy on average, 90% of students meet or exceed NYS Standardized Assessments with a student population similar to PGCPS. Similarly, 2015 PARCC results for grades 5–8 English Language Arts and Math achievement by the BASIS school in DC met and exceeded expectations at 72.7% for English Language Arts and 100% for Math.

Aminah Williams, Co-Founder & COO, Equity Now, Inc.


Aminah A. Williams, Co-founder has previously held various leadership roles at The Boeing Company, including Regional Manager, Program Manager and Operations Manager. She received her bachelor’s degree from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, where she was born and raised, has an MBA from Howard University and multiple life coaching certifications.   

Mrs. Williams has lead organizations, large and small since she was a teenager. She helped manage her father’s music industry trade magazine for four years while in high school, eventually managing the magazine’s publication and staff full time after graduating from high school a year early. While in college, she lead the technological transformation of a successful home improvement contracting company. 

A citizen soldier for almost 10 years, Mrs. Williams was a commissioned officer in United States Army, serving in the National Guard, the Reserves and on Active Duty. She served as a Staff Intelligence Officer and deployed to Kosovo and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba under Operation Enduring Freedom. 

Embracing the tenants of collaboration, servant leadership and technology exploitation to improve and streamline processes, Ms. Williams has experienced great success throughout her expansive career in information technology management, security management, personnel management and military leadership. 

Mrs. Williams  provides vision and direction for the ongoing development of the national organization and the Legends School Model including, finances, security, legal, compliance.

Shomari James, Co-Founder & CEO, Equity Now, Inc.



Shomari A. James, Co-founder is a skilled Lean and Six Sigma certified Industrial Engineering executive with Masters level education. Mr. James will scope opportunities and define strategic improvement approaches by evaluating the magnitude and complexity of system-wide and core-process improvements to recommend sustainable solutions, with less deviation and standard work that produces the best possible experience for every stakeholder. Working for several Fortune 500 companies, Mr. James has 17+ years' experience in Industrial Engineering, Operational Excellence, Lean Innovation, DMAIC, Strategic Planning, Strategy Deployment and Process Improvement. 

As Adjunct Professor and internship coordinator at Howard University in the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. Mr. James has experience teaching, tracking individual student learning and the continuous nature of assessing student learning outcomes through the assessment loop.

As a private investor since 1999, with early investments in many successful companies such as UPS, Facebook, Apple and Amazon, Mr. James mentors others to demystify the stock market. This led to a successful social media group, with over 500+ members fostering healthy discussions around the creation of generational wealth through investing in the stock market and a forthcoming streaming video series focused on wealth building. 

Mr. James  leads the efforts of tracking performance improvement for high-level school achievement, the enterprise technology solutions and oversight of the planning and implementation of The Legends Full Circle of Financial Educational. He will also be responsible to drive the growth strategy, expansion, policy, communications, and external relations for Legends.

Antoine Williams, Co-Founder & CMO, Equity Now, Inc.



Antoine D. Williams, Co-founder received his bachelor's degree in business studies with a minor in economics from State University College at Buffalo and received his master’s degree from Webster University in St. Louis, MO. 

Mr. Williams creates marketing campaigns to inform, retain and build volumes for the customer. He previously held various marketing and leadership positions with RedPeg Marketing, Relay Worldwide, Host Communications and Grassroots Promotions. 

From his 15 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Williams has honed his expertise in strategic, management and experiential marketing. He successfully managed campaigns with brands ranging from NBA, AT&T, Sharp Electronics, P&G, GEICO, and Chevy. Mr. Williams’ work in the field has provided him with great insight into consumer engagement and what attributes attract consumer attention to brands. 

Mr. Williams leads all marketing, facilities and operations programs across the organization.