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Mark your calendar for November 1 to enter the PGCPS Charter School  Lottery Application. We need your input and feedback to ensure Legends  Charter School of Prince George's County provides the ideal school  experience you imagine for your child and our community. Thank you in  advance for completing this survey.

About Us


Legends School Mission

There is a growing recognition of the importance of equity to economic development and upward mobility. High-quality education improves long-term academic and economic outcomes for children and communities. Therefore, Equity Now is committed to nurturing the full capacity of communities, helping them achieve their full economic and academic potential.


Legends School Philosophy

Our schools hold students to the highest possible academic standards, ask them to take responsibility for their work, and do so with the guidance of teachers who are both highly qualified and highly motivated to help students in every way possible. We understand that the time a student has to prepare for college is exceedingly short; it is our goal to make the most of that time by providing the best, most focused college-preparatory education possible.


Why Legends Schools?

Legends Schools Advanced Curriculum offers students a suite of courses not offered in most Prince George's County elementary schools. Students will take Spanish beginning in Kindergarten, Latin in 5th grade and will have completed a suite of sciences, advanced math electives including economics, and engineering. Our curriculum includes a comprehensive personal finance curriculum that will propel our students to emerge as independent adult consumers, fully prepared to make wise financial decisions for a lifetime of economic well-being. Most of our scholars will graduate high school successfully completing at least 4 AP classes and interning in the career or college area of their choice.

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